The Benefits of Using Virtual Resources

Virtual Resources provides many benefits:

  • You only pay for the work / time done
  • It is less expensive than a permanent employee - no need for organising income tax deductions, National Insurance contributions, sick pay, holiday pay, office space or equipment
  • VAs are available immediately at the end of the telephone
  • You have a permanent 'float' wherever and whenever needed

Who Needs a VA?

In the current business climate, many companies are looking at ways of changing the way they operate, working towards virtual staff to reduce their overheads. This is where the work of a VA can prove invaluable.

You need a VA if:

  • You require extra help but do not wish to employ a full-time member of staff
  • Your company frequently requires a person to cover various one-off assignments
  • You need the assistance of a temporary member of staff
  • You need someone reliable to handle telephone calls when you are away from the office
  • You are short of office space and/or equipment
  • You only need assistance for a few hours a day/week/month
  • You require a once only service such as logo or website design